Session #40 : The Black Lips (12/02/09)

Tracks :

  1. Hippie hippie hourrah (Dutronc cover)
  2. Take my heart

Venue : ‘Le Grenier’, La Vapeur, Generiq festival #3.

Recorded : 2009, february, 12th. 

Notes : It was cold in there, around 0°C.  Just to let you know, ‘Le Grenier’ is a roof, but when you’re in, it’s like you’re out. Same temperature : cold in winter, hot in summer. My soundcard had a problem during ‘Take my heart’ because of the cold… We brought two guitars : an acoustic one and a old classical one, both are on the video.

The two boys were a bit drunk… but they did the session well. That night, one of them shows his dick on stage to the audience. Rock’n roll.

Hippie Hippie Hourrah :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Take my heart :

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