Session #43 : Charlie Winston (18/02/09)

Tracks :

  1. Like a Hobo
  2. My life as a duck

Venue : ‘Le Grand Théâtre’, Reception room, Dijon, Generiq festival #3.

Recorded : 2009, february, 18th. 

Notes : When we began to take some contacts with the managment of Charlie Winston, it was the beginning of the hype. So we thought it won’t be easy to have a session with him.

But two days before the gig, the label called and so « it’s ok ». The gig was in a old theatre, not a usual venue. So we found that ‘beautiful’ reception room, with the help of Maria, who was working for the festival.

I installed the chairs, the mics, and came Charlie and his two musicians. A very kind person. They did the two tracks, i did an interview with Charlie, and while i was packing of my things, Charlies was playing piano in the room, like i was not here. It was a good way to say goodbye.

There’s only one song online : the label didn’t like the video of the second track, Charlie seems tired. Anyway, thereafter the audio version !

Like a Hobo :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

My Life as a Duck :



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